November 2018

If you are looking for ways to avoid the tourist traps in London and want to explore something different, keep reading and find some rather interesting and unique hot spots that only London’s natives know about.

Let’s take a look:

New, Unique And Out Of The Way Spots To Explore And Discover In London

Just A Little Touristy:

Emirates Air Line- in Canning Town, you will find Emirates Air Line, one of London’s best site seeing opportunities. Avoid the long lines and high prices of the London Eye and see all of the city’s landmarks while avoiding most of the touristy crowds.

RIB Voyages- RIB’s are rigid inflatable boats and for a very small fee, you can speed past the tourist-filled boats travelling the Thames and still see many of the city’s top sites including the London Eye Millennium Pier, the Tower Bridge and more, all while avoiding all of the tourist traps along the way!

Sky Garden- Aldgate’s Sky Garden is perfect for the nature lover as it is a rooftop garden right in the middle of London! 35 stories up, you are greeted by a beautiful and fragrant garden which you can explore as you see some of the best, uninterrupted views of the city. Mostly Locals,

Definitely Off The Beaten Path: Secret Cinema- held in various locations throughout the city, the Secret Cinema offers theatre lovers a chance to view a semi-private showing of a popular film in everything from an abandoned warehouse, to a large outdoor stadium. It becomes a fun, immersive way to discover your love for the arts.

The London Underground Supper Club- along the same lines as the Secret Cinema, the London Underground Supper Club offers a cool setting paired with gourmet food and some interesting London locals aboard a Victoria Line tube in Walthamstow.

Printworks London- if hop hop, dance beats and drum'n'bass is your scene, then Printworks London is the club for you. With its industrial look, after all, it is set in a large printing hall of the Canada Water building, you can dance and party the night away as you explore Western Europe's largest printing press complex.


Cakes and Bubbles- world famous pastry chef, Albert Adrià, will be opening this Soho all-dessert restaurant in November at the Hotel Café Royal. This is an opportunity to discover some of the finest, most unique dessert offerings the world has ever seen and be a part of London history as Chef Adrià makes his return to London in a big way.

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